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Complements and Complaints

We know that there are times when you would like to congratulate us and times when you are unhappy about our actions. This is how you can share your thoughts with us.

We are here to help and all staff want to hear your comments, concerns, complements and complaints. We ask that you  are respectful and calm when speaking to staff members and it is helpful if these conversations do not take place in front of children.

Who do I need to speak to?

For most matters your child’s class teacher or Teaching Assistant is the first person to speak to. After that the issue may be escalated to one of the Assistant Head Teachers, Mrs Spaven or Mrs Hogarth before finally being escalated to the Headteacher, Mrs Jobson. The BEST team are also a good place to start a conversation.

A complaint will always be dealt with swiftly and to the satisfaction of all involved. This is usually done at an informal stage however if you feel that the complaint needs to be escalated further then please see the attached school policy.

School Complaints Policy