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Who is the Learning Mentor based in the school?

Mrs Dawn Sanderson

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor

How can a Learning Mentor help? What do they do?

Learning Mentors work within the school to help pupils learn and make the most of opportunities available within the school.

By working with your child to form a trusting relationship they will support your child through a planned and agreed approach. This will include sharing successes, providing support for behaviour and learning and being someone to talk to.

Learning Mentors can work both in the classroom and the playground. If you see a Learning Mentor in a lesson they are there to help and assist pupils and not to teach the lesson. Learning Mentors can also run small groups outside the classroom to teach pupils additional skills.

A Learning Mentor may be assigned to help your child if they:

  • need additional support to complete their school work
  • need help to make friends or develop positive relationships with other pupils in the school
  • are having difficulties following the school behaviour policy
  • are having difficulties attending school
  • are in Year 6 and about to move to secondary school
  • are at risk of being excluded
  • are new to the school

How does my child receive support from a Learning Mentor?

There are two ways this could happen:

  • If the school thinks that your child would benefit from this support then they will discuss this with you.
  • If you think that your child would benefit from more support and assistance please contact the class teacher. The school will discuss with you whether the Learning Mentor is the appropriate person to provide this support.

How often does my child see the Learning Mentor?

It will depend upon the type of support that your child requires. The types of activities that a Learning Mentor may do with your child include:

  • Regular meetings to meet with your child to discuss progress.
  • Support with classroom lessons
  • Group work
  • Support in the playground or during breaktimes

If the school feels that your child will benefit from working with a Learning Mentor then they will contact you. You will be asked to meet with the Learning Mentor so you can talk about your child and how you feel that the school can support them further.

During the time that the Learning Mentor works with your child they will be in regular contact with you about your child’s progress.