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Curriculum Information

Foundation Stage Framework

We follow the EYFS Framework. You can look at  it here :

Phonics – We follow the Letters and Sounds scheme of work and incorporate Jolly Phonics jingles to help us remember the sounds and Read Write Inc rhymes for letter formation. These websites are useful.

Maths – We follow the Little Big Maths scheme that incorporates Amounts (e.g visualising more, fewer, the same) Counting (saying, reading, ordering numbers) Learn It’s (Number facts like doubling and halving) It’s Nothing New (mental maths like number bonds to 5) and Calculating (Addition, subtraction and division). You can find information about the scheme and its content here.

Literacy – We use Talk 4 Writing techniques to help us with storytelling, writing and understanding texts. We also learn skills for good listening and speaking. You can view the actions here : 

Download (PDF, 1.65MB)

Topics – We have broad themes based around our Talk4Writing texts and use naturally occurring events to form topics for learning. We also follow the children’s interests to cover the areas of the Foundation Stage Framework and ensure that the children receive a full, diverse and well-rounded learning experience based upon learning through play and real life experiences.