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At Pudsey Tyersal we have what's called the BEST room. Our pastoral team Mrs Sanderson and Mrs Roberts run interventions from there to support children who have social, emotional and well being worries. Children can experience a sudden event that they may need some extra support from our pastoral team such as a bereavement, family break up, illness etc and we can support those children short term. We have also children with additional needs who have on-going issues that need to use the BEST room more often and our pastoral team support those children alongside other adults in school. At playtimes and lunchtimes we have a club for those children who struggle out on the playground. We promote table manners, sharing, working together problem solving and have lots of fun activities to do. We will then help them to integrate back to the playground. If anyone has any questions about the BEST room and would like to see the BEST room please speak to one of the pastoral staff.