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Meet the Staff

Curriculum Information

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. You can look at the full document here. Children learn best through play and we constantly work with the children to review, amend, enhance and update our areas of provision to ensure children are able to develop and further their learning.

In Nursery we have either phonics or maths focus activities daily.


We use the Letters and Sounds scheme of work. This is a structured scheme to support children in their reading. In Nursery we mainly focus on Phase One, however by the end of the year we will have started phase two. Phase One concentrates on developing children’s listening skills with different sounds, rhyming and alliteration. Phase two begins to introduce letter sounds.


We follow the Little Big Maths scheme of work. These lessons consist of five sections; Amounts, Counting, Learn its, It’s nothing new and Calculating. In Nursery we focus on the first four sections. Little Big Maths uses songs and different characters to make maths learning fun and active.

Next Step Planning

We regularly observe children during their play and plan next steps to further their learning. We do this by taking  the learning to the child and enhancing play opportunities both indoor and outdoors.


In Nursery we follow the children’s interests and through these areas the other sections of the EYFS are taught. These have included having a spaceship, a jungle area or developing interests such as in dinosaurs. In addition we learn about different Religious festivals and holidays as they happen throughout the year.

As well as following children’s interests we have a whole class topic each half term. This half term we are learning about people who help us.

Helpful documents for parents:

For a parents guide to the Early years click here.

What to expect, when‘ is a useful document for parents. It explains what you should expect in each age category and gives practical ideas for you to support your child at home.