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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.


Mr. C. Scurrah – Class Teacher.

Mrs J. Leach – Teaching Assistant.

Mrs K. Brewer – Lesson Cover Supervisor.

  • Please feel free to come in to discuss your child before or after school.
  • Reading books and planners need to be in school each day, please.
  • Planners are a great way for home and school to communicate, so feel free to write us a note.
  • Children will use their planners as a diary/notebook with information about schoolwork.
  • Teacher will use the planner to let you know if your child has excelled in lessons, or if there have been any issues.
  • PE on Monday – please ensure children have correct kit.
  • Homework and spellings given Wednesday.
  • Spelling test and library on Friday.

Mr. C. Scurrah. 


Meet the Staff

Curriculum Information

Our topic this term is a history topic: The Ancient Egyptians.

We will visit Bagshaw Museum on Monday 2nd October. There will be an educational workshop and the museum will be closed to the public that day, so we will have the opportunity to browse the whole museum. This trip will really enrich our learning and I am looking forward to a worthwhile and fun experience. We must, of course, insist on the highest standard of behaviour and hope that our children will be good ambassadors for the school.


Year 5 have the fantastic opportunity to learn to play guitar this year. School provides 3/4 sized instruments and lessons for all the class every Friday morning. If parents would like to purchase a guitar for their child to play at home, I am happy to offer advice about inexpensive starter instruments as I play myself and love playing!

Mr Scurrah.